Barnes Roots & Herbs

Barnes Roots & Herbs is a raw material supplier of botanicals used in the Nutritional, Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetic industries.


We supply certified organic, organically grown, and ethically wild harvested botanical products.
Product List available upon request.

We can offer your product in any form you require:
Whole, Chipped, Rough Cut, Cut/Sift, and Powder

Please note –
We handle only dry products
Product availability based on harvest
For current stock and prices, please contact us

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Now carrying A Digger’s Guide to Medicinal Plants 2nd Edition                              By Allen Lockard & Alice Q. Swanson



We specialize in small to medium sized companies.  Because we are a small business, we have the ability, and take pride in building strong relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We know that quality and consistency of your product is essential to your success as well as our own.  In every aspect of our business we work efficiently and honestly with our customers as well as our suppliers.

We provide high quality raw botanicals, sourced from reputable harvesters, growers, and dealers around the country.